Studio Post Kopic

SPK est un atelier de montage
conçue pour s’adapter aux cinéastes émergents et établis

SPK fournit des solutions cohérentes et adaptées
et propose une approche flexible et des workflows novateurs

SPK collabore
Film – Pub – Télé – Corpo

With lots of exciting and prestigious projects under their belt, Alain and Tim offer their skills as a package under one roof. Both have many years of experience in post-production and an impressive track record working on feature films, documentaries, commercials, and television productions. SPK is a boutique style facility that combines the art of editing and finishing to provide clients with professional services in an intimate setting. We are always on the lookout for the latest technology to enhance value for our clients. Our relationships are based on creativity, trust and our ability to take ideas to the next level and turn the client’s vision into a reality.

Mistika Ultima

While traditional colour correction has been a mainstay of film and TV post-production for years, colour is no longer an isolated operation. The creative operators that are the heart of any dynamic and forward thinking facility, are looking for ways to step outside the expectations of the mainstream and deliver their customers the unexpected. Mistika Ultima is the only system that can provide this, as it is not just a colour correction system.

Depuis quelques années, la correction des couleurs a été un pilier de la post-production cinématographique et télévisuelle. Aujourd'hui, la couleur n'est plus une opération isolée. Mistika est un système de montage complètement évolutif qui redéfini le concept traditionnel de la post. En offrant toutes les fonctions d'édition, ce logiciel permet aux monteurs de livrer à leurs clients l'inattendu.

Finition – Colo – VFX – Stereo3D – HDR – HD – UHD – 8K – VR
Real-Time and Non-Destructive Workflows in 2D and 3D
No Compromise Across All Dimensions
Perfect Results

5563 Fullum, suite 109 - Montréal - Qc - Canada - H2G 2H5

Demo Reel 2017 from Tim Miron Dauphin on Vimeo.